Plastic packaging’s Top 10 bestsellers of 2018

For the same reason bookworms check bestseller lists, PlasticsToday regularly analyzes our published articles to uncover topical trends and basically reveals what’s hot…and what’s not.Plastics Packagings Top 10 of 2018

It also enables us to discern where readers’ interest is directed and what other readers might want to read, too.

Annually we compile the top lists of the best-read articles and with the ending of 2018 within sight, we present the year’s Top 10 plastics packaging articles as determined by website analytics.

To condense your reading for content falling just outside the Top 5, here are links to the best of the rest for a quick review:

10. Global plastic packaging market worth $269.6 billion by 2025

9. False assumptions on food waste, plastics and packaging

8. Global plastics packaging market to hit $375 billion by 2020

7. Top 5 issues in plastics and packaging: The ACC responds

6. R&D/Leverage helped convert the iconic Snapple bottle to plastic without losing the 'snap'

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