Plastics dominate new online rigid containers marketplace


Raptor Packaging homepage screenshot 717 pixelsOut with the old, in with the new. That’s the intent of Denver-based Dempsey International’s planned launch of Raptor Packaging, a marketplace platform designed to bring buyers and sellers of rigid packaging together. The company aims to revolutionize the future of procurement in the market by leveraging a wealth of state-of-the-art tools.

Jason Small, COO, Raptor Packaging, says “industries are changing so rapidly with the advancement of new web-based technologies, that what was once unachievable is now a reality.”

“A moment in time is upon us in the packaging industry—the next phase of distribution will take on a radically different course,” says George W. Dempsey, Founder and CEO.

With manufacturers now shipping over $2.5 billion dollars in products directly to customers through the traditional high-cost infrastructure of distribution, the launch of a game-changing web exchange is timely: customers are looking for an alternative platform that reduces costs and speeds development, while manufacturers are looking for an avenue to service the distribution market without conceding high margins to distributors.

Raptor Pkg PQ1The proprietary, mobile-friendly Raptor Packaging interface will permit customers to buy direct from multiple manufacturers and manage multiple stock-keeping units (SKUs) in one interface.

Products will include bottles, caps, tubes and rigid packaging of all types made of plastic, glass and metal across all markets from food and beverage to healthcare to personal care and more.

“Our team is working full time with our strategic manufacturing partners to load as many items as possible,” PlasticsToday  learns from Dempsey, who estimates that 10,000 glass and plastic packaging items have been loaded and an estimated 30,000 items will be available when the portal is open for business around mid-2019.

 “Ultimately, customers will be able to come and source, search, sample, and procure from what we anticipate will be more than 100,000 available items,” he adds. 

The company expects about 25,000 customers who currently buy through distribution will use the new portal.

Small says that vendors will have more control over pricing and more direct contact with the customer that conventional online markets while customers will see a pricing advantage over conventional alternatives. Dempsey points out that “vendors are currently paying 20% to 30% to distributors who direct ship their products, but Raptor eliminates this.”

Savings, transparency and control

Yet it’s not all about cost savings.

“That’s important, but convenience and transparency are equally important as well as the ability to source and find products on one site,” states Small.

Another advantage is that vendors will have better information directly from the customer, the company reports. “Vendors have 100% control over the terms of their products including minimum orders and lead times, etc.,” Dempsey explains. “A key reason why certain customers buy through distributors versus buying direct is due to complexity, and this simplifies the process.”Raptor Pkg logo

What’s the most common question for potential users? “It’s ‘how will it affect current relationships with distribution customers?’,’ responds Small. “The answer is that it will cause current distributors to scramble to treat vendors again as partners. However, they will not be able to respond in a meaningful way as their current cost structure negates their ability to respond. This one-of-a-kind system is not part of the existing establishment.”

The early reception to the Raptor Packaging platform has been overwhelming, the company reports. Raptor Pkg PQ2

This aggressive move into the market is reflected in the name and website. 

“The name is ‘Raptor’ because it has the potential to take out everything in its path,” Dempsey, a U.S. veteran, tells PlasticsToday. “As a military guy, the raptor is the ultimate destroyer—and this is what we needed to change the industry.”

While the portal will address United States markets initially, Dempsey International Packaging will offer a path to international products by working with key international vendors as an agent for importers.

The launch will be promoted through LinkedIn, social media, trade publications, trade shows and sales reps.

The early reception to the Raptor Packaging platform has been overwhelming, the company reports.

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