Plastics packaging: Final four best performers of March

March 2019 Top 4 Articles Bracket newEvery year around this time two things can be counted on: winter makes the official astronomical changeover to spring on the date of the equinox—though there’s frequently a disconnect between the calendar and the weather—and March Madness, i.e., the annual NCAA men’s basketball tournament field of 64 (or more) of the top teams, dominates sports coverage, chatter around many offices and generally reaches a feverish pitch.

Exactly like the college hoops tournament, PlasticsToday determines its March winners by performance, though the editorial “tournament” is based solely on a metrics analysis of top-read articles at the Packaging Channel for the period.

If you haven’t filled out your bracket yet, now would be a good time because the results will be announced at fast-break speed starting with unveiling the Final Four in alpha order.

Efficient BarrierGuard oxygen absorber technology for plastic packaging debuts;

Fantastic flexible packaging: FPA winners 2019;

Nestle taps Danimer Scientific PKA for biodegradable water bottle development

Top eight things to know about biodegradable packaging.

Now it’s time to reveal the quartet of the best. Starting at #4 is the first of a dynamic duo of strong biodegradable packaging articles; our first teams a biopolymers vendor with a major brand owner that have partnered over the development of polyhydroxyalkanoates resins, which are better known by the acronym, PHA, than the lengthy jumble of its individual constituents.

Global brand owner Nestlé (Vevey, Switzerland) and Danimer Scientific (Bainbridge, GA) announced in mid-January a global partnership to develop biodegradable bottles for Nestlé’s water business using Danimer’s Nodax PHA.

It's not the first time an article on PHA has performed well, and the reasoning for resonating so well with readers is that the resin has uniquely advantageous properties: it biodegrades when that’s desired in the presence of bacteria and fungi in natural environments and can last indefinitely in instances where it isn’t and therefore can be recycled.

Read Nestlé taps Danimer Scientific PHA for biodegradable water bottle development

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