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Can your products be remolded into packaging?

Di Mondo: In a very literal sense, no. The products we produce are no longer plastics so they cannot be directly remolded into products or packaging. GreenMantra Quote Additives BoosterHowever, they are used as an additive in plastic products and packaging in the ways previously described: Our materials can be used with standard prime resins as a performance booster and/or processing aid. However, we’re seeing the greatest interest for processing aids from those companies which are facing challenges as they work to increase the percentage of recyclate in their end products and packages. 

What’s happening now?

Di Mondo: We have business across North America and the Middle East. This fall, we visited the K Show in Germany to establish a logistical channel for our products in Europe and to begin engaging with that market. It was a successful show for us, and we now have projects in place with a number of plastic manufacturers in the EU.

What’s next?
Di Mondo: We are now working to extend to adjacent spaces for both markets of plastics and asphalt. We entered the plastics market by developing application data and case studies specific to extrusion (plastic decking, compounding, plastic sheets, etc.) circular economy conceptand injection molding (plastic parts). Now that we have developed a robust pipeline of customers in those two spaces, we are currently conducting application testing around two other plastic processing techniques. Once we have this data, we will be able to engage more deeply with companies who are facing challenges around PCR content in plastic packaging. 

For the asphalt area, we have expanded our conversation beyond roofing and are in the beginning stages of working with a few companies in the asphalt road space. We are also in the process of developing some additional case studies specific to ground tire rubber (GTR), and discarded plastic in roads. We have preliminary data that shows a small percentage of GreenMantra material in asphalt can dramatically increase the ability of asphalt companies to incorporate GTR. This not only enhances sustainability but also decreases costs for the manufacturer, it’s a win-win!Domenic Di Mondo of Greenmantra

As mentioned earlier, we have recently launched a new process and demonstration plant producing styrene-based polymers.  We see opportunity for these products as additives within extruded PS foam insulation, PS plastic processing, as well as, inks and coatings. 

There’s a common theme across our customer base—we find the most success where we can allow a customer to gain a sustainability story (i.e., enhance PCR content or incorporate GTR) and also achieve some type of cost savings, be it in formulation/raw material costs or via processing speed and productivity enhancement. We will continue to focus on applications where these two things are of value.

Final thoughts?

Di Mondo: GreenMantra is achieving our mission to be a Catalyst For Sustainable Impact within the plastics and chemical recycling spaces. We believe that by doing good for the world and showing that it can be done profitably, we will encourage people to follow our path and pursue their own ideas.

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