Polyfuze Graphics permanently labeling flexible PVC

Polyfuze HT for flexible PVC is comprised of olefin-based materials

Polyfuze Graphics Corp. (Clarkdale, AZ), a spin-off of Mold In Graphic Systems, has unveiled the latest innovation of permanent labels for hard to decorate PVC material. This is the latest in its toolset of plastic labeling technologies, which also include the permanent labeling of flexible olefin materials.

A Polyfuze HT heat transfer differs from traditional decorating methods for PVC. It is the world’s only polymer-based labeling technology that does not use inks, adhesives, clear coats or surface pre-treatments.

“When you are fusing a Polyfuze HT into the surface of PVC, it literally becomes one piece of flexible material," said Jason Brownell, VP of Sales at Polyfuze Graphics. "You are fusing two like materials together with heat and the result is one piece of material pigmented two different ways.”

The technology is currently being used by several companies including Unarco Industries (shopping cart industry), Otto Environmental (waste / recycling industry), Rehrig Pacific (reusable packaging industry) and Uniphase (retail sporting industry).

Single or multi-colored labels, including fine line detail and CMYK processing for photorealistic graphics, are offered with the Polyfuze HT technology.

The new Polyfuze HT labeling technology utilizes standard hot stamping machinery for application, but the graphic is not comprised of inks, adhesives or clear coats like those used in other labeling methods. The Polyfuze HT for flexible PVC is comprised of olefin-based materials, which completely undergoes full fusion of the colored pigmentation into the surface of the plastic.

Traditional ink methods degrade over time and fade under weathering and environmental elements. Traditional inks can also be removed with various fuels, solvents and chemicals. Polyfuze HT can withstand all of these harsh conditions and are 100% permanent.

Polyfuze can be manufactured to meet compliances such as FDA, ASTM, CPSIA, RoHS and REACH. And because the Polyfuze graphic is polymer based, it is 100% recyclable.

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