ProAmpac picks up two Flexible Packaging Association awards

Recognized for its innovative pouches
March 11, 2016

Flexible packaging company ProAmpac (Cincinnati, OH) has received recognition from the Flexible Packaging Association for two Silver awards in Packaging Excellence for Duke's Mayonnaise 8-oz pouch and White Lily Flour box pouch.

Duke's Mayonnaise 8-oz pouch is a shaped, spouted stand-up pouch, a first for mayonnaise, looking stand out on the shelf among the array of other rigid containers. Its hour-glass shape is highly noticeable, offering function and is ergonomically designed to fit smaller hands. The reclosable, one-piece flip top spout is easy to open and close, and compared to a traditional two-piece spout and cap, there is zero risk of misplacing the cap. The pouch is designed for either single or multi-use portability on-the-go.

The second Silver award went to White Lily Flour, a specialty flour in a resealable box pouch, another first in its category. Flour typically comes packaged in paper-walled bags that are not reclosable making it messy in the kitchen when trying to store away leaving traces of white powder all over the counter. White Lily highlights its premium product in a package designed for shelf impact and functionality. Box pouches provide shelf-stability and five panels of marketing billboard. The pouch includes a clear window to view the high quality product, improved moisture resistance, and a hook and loop zipper that doesn't clog during contact with fine particles like flour. The registered matte varnish enhances the organic brand's image while leaving a glossy viewing window with excellent clarity.

ProAmpac Marketing Director, Millie Nuno, states "ProAmpac is proud to be recognized by the Flexible Packaging Association for two deserving flexible packages that are both new to their respective categories. The innovation for both wins showcases ProAmpac's dedication to providing our customers creative solutions that stand out in the marketplace."


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