PTI appoints new president of global operations

Thierry Fabozzi has been appointed president of Plastic Technologies, Inc. (Holland, OH), a company prominent in package development and design, rapid prototyping and material evaluation engineering for plastic packaging.

Fabozzi is now responsible for global operations and will report to the company’s board of directors led by Betsy Brady, chairwoman of the board. In 2012, he joined the company as managing director of PTI Europe S.a.r.l., Yverdon, Switzerland. PTI logo

Fabozzi has a 30-year track record of significant packaging technology and business development achievements and for the past five years has helped major European brand owners achieve their packaging objectives. Before joining PTI, he was the business stream packaging leader and rigid packaging specialist for Nestlé’s Nestec Product Technology Center Orbe, Vevey, Switzerland. 

Before that, he spent seven years in technical and business development positions with Milacron Plastic Technology Group including the Ferromatik injection molding machine operation in Germany and the Uniloy blow molding business unit in Michigan.  His experience also includes eight years as a technical and research and development manager with Tetra Pak Plastics, Inc., Geneva, Switzerland.

“Thierry’s multidiscipline experience in the packaging sector makes him uniquely qualified to lead PTI’s global initiatives,” says Brady. “Having spearheaded projects for brand owners, machinery manufacturers and material suppliers his entire career, he is ideally suited to take our business to the next level.”

PlasticsToday caught up with Fabozzi for an exclusive interview.

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What excites you most about your new role?

Fabozzi: My first exposure to PTI was when I was with a different company and attended a training at a PTI facility.  I remember how impressed I was with all of PTI’s development capabilities.  Since that time, those development capabilities have expanded substantially.  With my roots as an R&D engineer, it’s exciting to be able to harness those significant capabilities to make a meaningful impact on packaging solutions.

What’s high on your to-do list?

Fabozzi: Refine Plastic Technologies’ innovation process to facilitate the development of breakthrough packaging solutions.  PTI has been known as an innovator since its founding more than 30 years ago.  Our goal is to make sure we continue to lead in innovative packaging solutions.PTI's new president Thierry Fabozzi

What changes may be made?

Fabozzi: PTI has always been driven with its goal of assisting brand owners with their packaging needs.  We will continue to do so. Changes will be evolutionary and will continue to be supportive of marketplace objectives.

What’s one thing you would absolutely not change?

Fabozzi: PTI has always been driven by putting the customers’ needs first.  That, and continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation.  Those two attributes are at the core of our culture and responsible for our success.  I would never want to tamper with that.

How will your travel plans change in your new role?

Fabozzi: My role will be more global now—overseeing both the U.S. and the European business units.  Obviously, that will mean more travel. However, the communications tools we have in place now, such as Webex and Skype, make it easier for people to connect from all parts of the world without actually getting on a plane.

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