R&D/Leverage develops ‘zero-suction, soft-touch’ bottle takeout system

Leverage R&D RapidGrabKnown for its innovations in blow molds and injection stretch blow molds (ISBM) and molding technology, R&D/Leverage (Lees Summit, MO) has developed its new RapidGrab takeout system. The labor-saving system provides easy setup and configuration, and removes bottles from Nissei single-row ISBM machines with a custom solution for specific tooling. It is also available on its own.

The company’s “zero-suction, soft-touch takeout block” means that container surfaces remain flawless. The lightweight, compact takeout assembly is enclosed within the footprint of the machine, said R&D/Leverage. Additionally, the takeout block is easily exchanged for cavitation or container shapes. Two people can install or remove the RapidGrab takeout system in five minutes, and the conveyor can be customized for any floor plan and carries preforms as well as bottles.

The human machine interface is user-friendly and easily manages both the takeout arm and conveyor subsystem. It has a streamlined startup and configuration of speeds, positions and safety limits. The safety systems are layered to protect machinery and personnel.

R&D/Leverage USA provides packaging concept development, validation and implementation. Mold manufacturing capabilities include full mold manufacturing for PET tooling, injection blow mold tooling, injection molds, as well as unit tool development, testing, validation and training.

R&D/Leverage Europe is a global supplier of single-stage blow mold tooling including product evaluation, tooling design, manufacture and technical service assistance. The company also has on-site injection stretch blow molding machines and offers pilot tooling, material trials, color trials, and production tool qualification.

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