R&D/Leverage partners with BTOMEC Tool in Brazil

map of BrazilIn an effort to expand its injection stretch blowmold (ISBM) and injection blowmold (IBM) business into Latin America, R&D/Leverage (Lee’s Summit, MO) has aligned itself with BTOMEC Tool and Precision Machining in Brazil. R&D/Leverage is a full-service mold manufacturing and packaging solutions supplier with more than 43 years of experience. This news follows the recent announcement of a partnership with Artis Matriz to support demand for its preform molds in South America.

BTOMEC Tool and Precision Machining has been in business for more than 30 years and specializes in the manufacture of molds for caps and closures, medical devices and other products.

The partnership allows R&D/Leverage’s ISBM/IBM molds to be sold and supported locally within South America. In most cases, R&D/Leverage’s molds will be assembled in Brazil at BTOMEC’s location supported by R&D/Leverage engineering and technical teams. The main advantages for South American customers will be the ability to have high-quality ISBM/IBM molds at competitive prices with local support and full access to R&D/Leverage’s tooling design and product development team in the USA.

“After working in Brazil for several years in the plastic industry I am excited to bring R&D/Leverage single-stage molds to this region,” said Michael Warkentien, R&D/Leverage Director of Latin American Business. “My first objective was to identify a company we could collaborate with that had the right procedures, quality and repeatable processes in place to ensure our success. Through significant research and auditing of the main mold shops in Brazil, I was happy to identify BTOMEC.” 

“This partnership with R&D/Leverage makes us very excited, and the entire BTOMEC team is motivated to interact and exchange knowledge with this leading manufacturer of ISBM molds,” said Wiland Tiergarten, Director and CEO of BTOMEC. “With our partnership, the market of molds in South America rises to a new level, a win-win situation for our customers who will enjoy the know-how and the quality of products and processes from both companies.”

R&D/Leverage USA serves the food and beverage, home and personal care, and healthcare industries, and is the only company to offer both packaging solutions and mold manufacturing capabilities, claims the company. Packaging capabilities include concept development, validation and implementation. Mold manufacturing capabilities include full mold manufacturing for PET and IBM tooling as well as unit tool development, testing, validation and training.

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