Recyclability evaluation protocol published for polyethylene film

RecyClassRecycling of plastic packaging film represents a difficult problem for manufacturers, given the various technologies used. So how do you know if your plastic film is recyclable? RecyClass (Brussels) recently released a procedure to assess the recyclability of plastic films in Europe to support circularity of packaging goals. The RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol analyzes the impact of different technologies on the recyclability of polyethylene (PE) film and the flexible packaging recycling stream.

Paolo Glerean, RecyClass Chairman, stated: “Recyclability should not be decided subjectively. The various elements constituting a plastic packaging have to be tested, analyzed and measured in a transparent and repeatable manner. With the publication of specific testing protocols, we aim to support all the technical solutions and materials that improve recyclability of plastic packaging.”

This protocol was developed in close collaboration with the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR), and its content and methodology take into account the expertise of the Benchmark Polyethylene (PE) Films and Flexible Packaging Innovation Test Protocol, published by APR. Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE) and APR mutually understand the value of a global PE film and flexible packaging test protocol that can address common concerns about certain new flexible-film package construction. The protocol has been adapted, where needed, to accommodate existing European standards and end markets for recyclates. Additionally, PRE partnered with the independent laboratory Centexbel – VKC to perform the recyclability tests according to the published protocol. 

RecyClass explains that this joint stakeholder effort aims at creating conditions that enable sustainable and cost-effective recycling of flexible plastics across Europe. RecyClass invites all interested parties to join the RecyClass platform and test their technologies.

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