Recycled Plastic Bottles: An Earth Day 2020 Replay

In the making for 50 years, Earth Day 2020 celebrated one week ago today on April 22 came and went in a flash. To no one’s surprise, plastics including single-use applications were generally recognized as a kind of global super villain by groups and individuals, and we understand why.
As would be expected, PlasticsToday offered several newsy and generally favorable angles on the topic that included, among others, Some Good News about Plastics and Packaging. Additional coverage is found here.
ICYMI (In case you missed it), we’ve collected some fresh Twitter Tweets that address the #recycling of single-use plastic bottles — for PET in particular — and a #circulareconomy including these first two efforts that together saved and reused 1,000,000 plastic bottles.

700,000: Bottles used to construct a floating island.

300,000 bottles and millions of gallons of water saved.

Bottles that are comfortably underfoot.

How many water bottles are in your backpack?

The trend in bottles as wearables continues.

Others of interest…

Note that the emphasis — and onus — is on You, the consumer.

Triple hot buttons of Earth Day, COVID-19 and foodservice containers.

And looking ahead…will #spacedebris be the next if not final frontier for recycling?

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