Rinco Ultrasonics expands patented technology for ultrasonic sealing of flexible packaging

RincoRinco Ultrasonics (Danbury, CT), a manufacturer of ultrasonic welding equipment, was recently awarded a U.S. patent that complements its previously patented PPS0145 technology for ultrasonic film sealing of flexible pouch packaging. The high-force, high-speed system enables users to increase seal strength, improve aesthetics and broaden the processing window versus competitive ultrasonic sealing and heat sealing processes. Rinco will make the announcement at Pack Expo in Chicago on Nov. 6 to 9. The company is exhibiting at booth S-1952.

The new technology significantly reduces the need for additional stations on a pouch sealing machine. It takes the company's proven barrier seal geometry PPS0145 and incorporates a follow-up cosmetic seal in one stroke at a single station.

Competitive seal offerings have been unable to meet the needs of packaging applications that require sealing through the top of the pouch. Competitors have relied on a separate heat seal station to create this cosmetic seal. Rinco’s new patent allows for a wide 4-mm barrier seal and in some applications up to 20 mm of cosmetic seal, which eliminates the need for a follow-up heat seal station and subsequent cooling station.

“This is a game-changing development that delivers major efficiencies for the flexible pouch packaging market,” said Gordon Hull, U.S. Managing Director. “The new technology enables OEMs to remove two stations from a pouch filling machine system, which reduces floor space and yields major cost savings.”

The new seal geometry, PPS0145 Hybrid, is used in conjunction with Rinco’s complete line of flexible packaging actuators that fit most major in-line horizontal or rotary horizontal pouch filling machinery, making it the most modular and adaptable system on the market.

Rinco has also developed a Flexible Packaging Actuator that has been modified to handle more caustic materials and cleaning solutions that resist erosion and deterioration, thus increasing its life span and reducing downtime.

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