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Sabic unveils new wave of products for rigid packaging

Sabic unveils new wave of products for rigid packaging

Sabic (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) has developed the first of a new generation of Flowpact polypropylene (PP) impact copolymers to help manufacturers of many types of injection molded rigid packaging make stronger products and cut costs.

According to the chemical manufacturing giant, rigid packaging made with PP FPC45, including types that can be hot-filled, has considerably higher top-load strength than identical products made with current benchmark materials. This in turn improves stackability, offering better economics in transport and storage.

The good flow properties of PP FPC45 further assist with thin walling and fast injection, and a higher crystallization temperature will enable parts to be demolded faster—reducing energy consumption and increasing productivity at the processor.

The material is developed for production of rigid packaging with volumes ranging from as low as 200 ml to as large as around 10 liters. Applications include containers intended for packaging foods and non-food products and also can be used for caps and closures, as well as for production of housewares.

“We saw a need in the market for a material capable of delivering higher top load strength and superior stiffness in hot filling applications, what we have achieved is significant. Sabic's PP FPC45 delivers a top load strength that is some 17% higher than current benchmark materials commercially available today,” says Bert Claessens, Polypropylene Business Manager.

Sabic has a strong focus on sustainability in its solutions for the packaging industry, Claessens further notes. “We regard Sabic PP FPC45 as an important step forward that should enable our customers to use less material and less energy to produce rigid packaging with the same or even better properties than before, more quickly than before.”

Claessens adds, "Sabic plans to debut additional products towards the end of this year. This is the beginning of a new wave of products from Sabic for rigid packaging—and for other segments as well. We are upgrading our full portfolio to cater for unmet needs in the market. This is part of a major innovation drive in the company.”

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