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Sonoco Alloyd, a unit of global packaging company Sonoco (Hartsville, SC), has developed a new dispensable packaging system called the DivvyPack that combines thermoformed technology with a sliding lid. The new system allows careful, singular "divvying" of product for multi-count packages. The lid slides away without opening entirely, making it easy to dispense a singular product from a multi-product package. There are interlocking channels along the sides of the lid and tray designed for one-handed opening and reclosing of the package, with an audible snap when locking closed.

Kari Embree

September 9, 2015

1 Min Read
Sonoco Alloyd develops dispensable packaging system

Sonoco-Alloyd-DivvyPack.jpgThe format is ideal for not only standard multiple-quantity packaging, but also special use cases like club store packaging and gift-with-purchase promotions. The flat lid, clear packaging and customizable shape and size provide a variety of marketing options.

Kim Goyke, Marketing Specialist, Sonoco Alloyd, tells PlasticsToday that DivvyPack will be demonstrated at Pack Expo 2015 this month and is made of PET plastic (recyclability number 1) and SBS board. The materials may be adjusted based on the customer’s requests, as long as the blister card coating is compatible with the blister plastic material.

“Our newest packaging innovation is the result of intense insight gathering, developmental ideation and market interaction so we can provide our customers with a differentiated competitive advantage that will better their brands," Goyke adds. "This purpose-driven packaging meets the unique needs of customers in a wide variety of markets."

The DivvyPack package will be demonstrated at the upcoming Pack Expo 2015 tradeshow in Las Vegas, Sept. 28-30, at Booth 4022. A demonstration of how this unique package works may also be found at youtu.be/WpSdn3YpU6o.

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