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Sonoco launches clear TruVue Can with McCall Farms

Article-Sonoco launches clear TruVue Can with McCall Farms

McCall Farms TruVue Can for vegetables SQ
New line of slow-cooked veggies debuts in clear packaging sold in Harris Teeter and Ingles stores.

The TruVue clear can, a revolutionary alternative to the traditional metal can, was launched by packaging vendor Sonoco (Hartsville, SC) in conjunction with its first corporate partner, McCall Farms (Effingham, SC). McCall’s new Glory Farms Slow-Cooked vegetables debuted in more than 400 Harris Teeter and Ingles stores in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic States.

Typically, foods like fruits, vegetables, soups and sauces are sold in traditional metal cans in the center of the store, which itself is losing share to the perimeter. The TruVue can enables Sonoco’s customers the unique opportunity to reinvent their brand without reinventing their production process.

The can uses Sonoco’s patented freshlock technology and is made of a highly engineered, multilayer plastic substrate, allowing consumers to see the product inside. It also incorporates an EZ-open lid and metal bottom. TruVue has been commercially tested and proven to withstand the rigors of many retort processes, which demand performance in high- temperature and high-pressure environments, while maintaining its shape and seal integrity. Plus, the TruVue can runs on existing filling equipment currently in use for traditional metal cans, thereby minimizing capital investment while delivering a true merchandising advantage.

“Our new See-Thru can is the most notable innovation in canned vegetables since canning was invented in the early 1800’s,” says Woody Swink, senior vp of sales and marketing at McCall Farms. “Consumer testing was tremendous and the response at retail has been terrific. Being able to see the vegetables says 'fresh,' but also gives consumers a sense of trust because they can see what they are buying.”

Seven varieties of new Glory Farms vegetables use a unique, slow-cooked process that takes three times longer than the normal canned vegetable cooking process. Cooking slower and at lower temperatures locks in the flavors of the vegetables, and the new pop-top can adds convenience to preparing delicious meals and side dishes. Glory Farms Slow-Cooked varieties include garbanzo beans, pinto beans, green lima beans, light red kidney beans, dark red kidney beans, great northern beans and blackeye peas.

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