Spartech Introduces ‘Green’ Material for Construction, Cleanroom Applications

Interior covered with Royalite G50 material
Royalite G50 contains no halogens or BPA
and is flame rated and chemically resistant. Image courtesy Spartech.

Spartech has launched Royalite G50, a new “green” building product for wall coverings, ceiling tiles, and other architectural applications. Based in St. Louis, MO, Spartech specializes in the manufacture of engineered thermoplastics and custom packaging products.

“Royalite G50 represents a non-PVC alternative for a variety of sectors, including building and construction, and industries that require cleanrooms, like medical and pharmaceutical,” said David Hilton, Senior Product Manager, Specialty Films & Royalite. “In today’s green-conscious world, customers desire more sustainable products and we have definitely filled that need with Royalite G50.”

Royalite G50 contains no halogens or BPA and is flame rated, long lasting, cleanable, and chemically resistant, said Spartech. The material is engineered to meet the stringent ASTM E84 Steiner tunnel test.

Available in a variety of colors and textures, including matte and high gloss, Royalite G50 can be custom extruded to customer specifications. It comes in various sheet sizes with a maximum width of 60 inches and 144 inches in length. It can be thermoformed using standard single-station, multi-station or pressure thermoforming equipment.

Royalite operates an innovation center and 15 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. The company produces materials for a variety of markets and applications including medical devices, packaging, food packaging, aerospace, and automotive.

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