Sun Chemical partners with Acpo to sell coated transparent packaging films

To address the growing demand for high barrier transparent packaging

Sun Chemical (Parsippany, NJ) has partnered with flexible film coater Acpo Ltd. (Oak Harbor, OH) to address growing demand among brand owners and flexible packaging converters for high-barrier transparent packaging.

SunBar barrier coatings from Sun Chemical.

Sun Chemical will supply its SunBar oxygen barrier coatings to Acpo to coat and supply various films to flexible packaging converters. Only a few converters have the capability to coat thin films, so a limited number were able to utilize the SunBar barrier coating technology.

Acpo specializes in coating thin films with state-of-the-art equipment, so now converters will have alternative barrier films at an economical price that offer improved barrier properties without investing in a coating unit.

SunBar oxygen barrier coatings offer converters cost-effective, durable, sustainable films that support lighter weight packaging trends by creating a smooth, homogenous, pinhole-free, and flexible layer that can be easily overprinted with inks and laminated to a variety of secondary films. SunBar is compostable, chlorine free and metal-free alternative.

SunBar coated films from Acpo are ideal for clear high barrier flexible packaging structures and also for ultra-high barrier metalized film structures.

"The need for barrier films is growing at a healthy pace," said Robert O'Boyle, Product Manager of Coatings, Sun Chemical. "Consumers will buy what they can see. This has led to the growing trend of transparent packaging that allows consumers to see the actual food. Many natural foods, such as granola, nuts and fruit, require a high barrier film for better protection. Since the majority of printers don't have the ability to coat films, our partnership with Acpo will allow us to deliver them with the coated films they need to meet this trend. Choosing to partner with a respected leader in self-wound overlamination products like Acpo was an easy decision for Sun Chemical to make."

"We are excited about this partnership with Sun Chemical," said John Coyne, Product Manager at Acpo. "They are a recognized leader in our industry with an abundance of resources. They have already provided a high level of support. I feel that our strengths complement each other and together we will deliver innovative barrier film solutions to converters and brand owners."

Right now two different Acpo coated films, polyester and biaxially oriented polypropylene, are available with SunBar oxygen barrier coatings. There are plans to add to the barrier film product line by introducing other SunBar barrier coated films in the near future.

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