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Supersized 'Power Pouch' Goes Beyond the Pail

New patented collapsible and resealable stand-up packaging design from Fresco-System USA drastically reduces space and carbon footprint versus plastic buckets.

Rick Lingle, Senior Technical Editor

June 14, 2024

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Fres-co System's big new EZ Handle stand-up pouch
Fres-co System USA

At a Glance

  • EzHandle large-format stand-up pouch uses 85% less plastic than comparable plastic pails.
  • Collapsible design reduces space for storage, shipping, and recycling or disposal.
  • Versatile and durable pouch for food, chemicals, and other free-flowing products.

Looking for a larger stand-up pouch? Consider the patented Fres-co EzHandle introduced by Fres-co System USA. This innovative flexible packaging offers an alternative to traditional 2- or 3-gallon plastic pails or buckets.

"The Fres-co EzHandle is a game-changer," enthuses Fidan Labbe, the supplier’s business director. "We've combined the strength and functionality of a bucket with the convenience and sustainability of a flexible pouch, creating a truly unique and versatile packaging solution."

Referred to by the vendor as a “transportable power pouch,” the durable EzHandle provides resealable convenience and nylon-enabled durability, unlike typical large pouches or bags. This high-strength pouch offers superior ergonomics, space savings, and sustainability benefits for transporting and dispensing a wide range of products.

The Fres-co EzHandle combines strength, ergonomics, space-saving design, sustainability, and portability. Its multiply lamination ensures excellent durability, while the proprietary handle allows for effortless carrying and dispensing.

Compared to rigid buckets, the pouch uses 85% less plastic.

The collapsible design also significantly reduces storage and shipment space, leading to a smaller carbon footprint and lower emissions.


Marketing Manager Abby White explains that the pouch is available in two options: a three-ply polyethylene (PE)/nylon/PET version and a high-barrier, four-ply PE/nylon/aluminum foil/PET version. The premade pouches are shipped flat.

According to White, the standard EzHandle size is 290 mm high x 405 mm long x 110 mm gusset (11.4 in. x 16 in. x 4.33 in.), with additional sizes available.

Depending on the product’s bulk density, the pouch's maximum net weight is around 16 pounds, she notes.

Applicable product markets: food, chemicals, and more.

The applicable product markets for these pouches include food and more. The EzHandle is designed to accommodate powder, granular, and dry products, including food and feed ingredients, specialty chemicals, minerals, and agricultural chemicals. It is also suitable for consumer goods such as pet food, snacks, confectioneries, trail mixes, sachets of products, and household cleaning supplies.

The EzHandle offers a distinct competitive advantage over standard stand-up pouches (SUPs) or bags. Unlike SUPs, where the handle is often torn off during opening, the EzHandle’s proprietary technology preserves the handle, which is reinforced for durability. This enables easy dispensing and resealing with an integrated zipper, maintaining the pouch's portability after opening.

From a sustainability perspective, “the pouch’s current end-of-life scenario is [chemical] recycling, where the layers can be separated and molded into new plastic products such as outdoor furniture or decking,” says White. “If landfilled, it consumes far less space than a bucket or pail. Our goal in the future is to offer a recycle-ready option.”

When asked about the market status, she responds that "it’s already being tested for cannabidiol powder and pest control products.”

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Rick Lingle

Senior Technical Editor, Packaging Digest and PlasticsToday

Rick Lingle is Senior Technical Editor, Packaging Digest and PlasticsToday. He’s been a packaging media journalist since 1985 specializing in food, beverage and plastic markets. He has a chemistry degree from Clarke College and has worked in food industry R&D for Standard Brands/Nabisco and the R.T. French Co. Reach him at [email protected] or 630-481-1426.

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