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Thin-gauge PET/PP line gives custom sheet house Pro Ex Extrusion competitive edge

Pro Ex Extrusion
The dual-resin line features a J-stack configuration with roll-skewing and electric gap adjustment under full hydraulic load.

A Welex Evolution sheet-extrusion line from Graham Engineering Corp. (York, PA) has given custom sheet processor Pro Ex Extrusion a thin-gauge capability not generally found among custom sheet houses.

Pro Ex Extrusion co-owner and VIce President of Operations Chris Bendickson stands in front of the Welex Evolution line.

In 2017, Pro Ex partnered with Graham Engineering to specify a Welex Evolution sheet line that would expand its capability and capacity. Commissioned in December 2017, the dual-resin PET/PP line features a 5-inch (130-mm) extruder with the flexibility to expand to co-extrusion. The J-stack configuration features roll-skewing and electric gap adjustment under full hydraulic load followed by a unique arrangement of auxiliary cooling rolls, each independently driven, heated and cooled.

Based in Oshkosh, WI, Pro Ex Extrusion is a recycler and manufacturer of custom and proprietary plastic products, including sheet, roll stock and profiles. It also provides injection molding and packaging technologies to several industries. The company’s sheet business comprises roll stock for thermoforming and lithography. It also works with several experienced printing partners to apply high-quality graphics to products.

“Many sheet houses are able to produce PET/RPET at 15-18-20 mil,” said Pro Ex co-owner and Vice President of Operations Chris Bendickson. “The ability to manufacture high-quality polyester at 10-12-14 mil [allows us] to serve more demanding applications and gives us a capability not generally found among custom sheet houses. Adding the ability to run high-quality clear and colored polypropylene on the same sheet extrusion line as thin as 15 mil truly differentiates us in the market.”

Pro Ex co-owner and President Gary Borgers added: “With the Pro Ex team’s decades of experience in equipment selection and commissioning, we were very confident in the selection of our new Welex line. The design features, the team’s willingness to customize to our unique needs, and their reputation and commitment to customer service led to our selection.”

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