Three-piece hot runner manifolds prove popular in packaging applications

Yudo Co. (Gyeonggi, South Korea) continues to make inroads with its three-piece hot runner manifolds fabricated using the company’s LSO Technology diffusion bonding process instead of brazing, thereby enabling usage at pressures up to 2000 bar, according to Design Center General Manager Jin Ho Yu. The diffusion bonding technique also allows different materials to be used in the same manifold.

Yudo says its manifolds can handle higher injection pressures, while reducing flow pressures and eliminating dead points.

“Our manifolds employ smooth large radii and eliminate dead points, promoting smoother flow and reduced pressure,” he notes. The manifolds also feature a tiny cone machined using five-axis machining at the drop point.

Yudo recently shipped its 1000th three-piece manifold using LSO Technology. Besides PET preforms, the manifolds have been used for applications such as a 48-cavity mold for glue tube caps, for temperature-sensitive materials such as polyacetal, and where processors undertake frequent color changes.

Yudo also has plans to target the automotive market in Europe from a factory it recently completed in Europe. In 2016 alone, Yudo shipped 11,851 hot runner systems to users in the auto sector, with the most popular application reportedly being door parts (2002 sets) followed by lamps (1904 sets). The followed front bumpers (932 sets), cover parts (699 sets), garnish (484 sets) and cockpit modules (480 sets). End users included automakers from the US, Europe, Japan, South Korea, China and India.

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