Top 10 best definitions of a plastics engineer revealed

The people have spoken…or at least voted. PlasticsToday’s audience of plastics professionals have selected the best answers to complete the sentence “You know you’re a plastics engineer if…” that we posed throughout April.

In the first round that ran for a 30-day period starting in January readers provided answers that filled in the blank. These ran the gamut from the straightforward and thoughtful to the clever and tongue-in-cheek and all variations therein. Many made us nod knowingly; others made us smile.

We narrowed the many to an even dozen for the second round and asked readers to vote for the “best” among those. Participation was high—we tallied more than 230 votes that decided the Top 10 that we present now in reverse order.


We're also upping the interactive ante by using Graphical Interchange Format (GIF) files for short video snippets to accompany the selections, the first time GIFs have been used at PlasticsToday.

So grab your popcorn virtual or real and follow along to the big reveal of the #1 choice.

10. You start all of your part designs at the parting line and are frequently overheard stating "the parting line is the starting line" to anyone starting a new part design.



10. You know that HDTs are not High Definition TVs.    

Because you know that in this business HDT stands for heat deflection temperature.  

Caution: Curves ahead.



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