Top 10 in plastics packaging 2019

If you’re looking for a summary of the must-read plastic packaging articles with the most innovative, on-trend news and developments of 2019, you’re in the right place—PlasticsToday’s top 10 review of the most popular articles posted on the Packaging Channel since January 1.

If we published our stories with virtual ink that characterized a story, we’d have used a lot of green this year—all but two of the top 10 stories point directly to the topic and the two others mention it. And that’s not counting the many of hundreds of sustainably-centered features published at the PT website these past months.

Such is the world, and world of plastics, we live in.

While sustainability is a positive thing, it addresses a negative thing—how to divert packaging from landfills before (Plan A) or after (Plan B) it becomes waste?trash scavengers in India

Kicking off our reverse-order list at #10, you’ll find an old process might provide a newfangled solution of how to get value out of waste plastics. The tried-and-true process is pyrolysis, which produces liquid feedstock that can be used again to produce plastics, leading to a true circular solution.  At the heart of the proposal is that the quality of the plastic waste input and the specific pyrolysis technology determine whether the products can be used to produce plastics again or be used as fuel.

Link: Is an age-old chemical process the solution to today’s plastic waste problem?

Spoiler alert: It turns out there’s another holistic recovery option which is even more all-encompassing, which you’ll read at #7.

But first, Greenpeace’s dead-end quest…

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