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#7 The time is now to focus on stretching goals to deal with sustainability. The decision that went into effect January 2018 by China’s government (“National Sword”) to stop accepting all United States recycling has exposed the vulnerability and ineffectiveness of our current processes for recycling and all forms of Landfill option mountain of waste skymunicipal solid waste (MSW).  As it stands today, our municipalities are now all scrambling to figure out where to put these recycled materials.  Some have simply shut down any recycling programs and are redirecting these curbside collections to landfills.

The problem is not limited to plastics, it needs to be defined as … “how to deal with all MSW?”

The author’s proposal? Plasma gasification, which accommodates all types of waste, from plastics to metals to food.

Link: Is plasma gasification the solution for plastics and all waste?

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