Top 10 in plastics packaging 2019: Page 9 of 10

ByFusion plastic construction block 720 pix

#2 Readers found 12 pages of examples of ocean plastic recaptured and remade into useful items (especially packaging) too alluring to resist.

Whether it’s seen as a glass half full (good, more debris removed!) or half empty (it’s a drop in an endless sea of debris!) proposition, it seems we’re inundated with a growing amount of plastic-products-from-marine pollution, a sampling of which you'll find on 12 pages that present in chronological order the history of ocean plastics that originated in 2012 by eco-minded, forward-thinking cleaners company Method (San Francisco) entered what were then virgin waters in pioneering packaging from marine pollution to the latest from August (shown).

Link:  A visual tour of packaging and products from ocean plastics

The #1 read plastic packaging feature of the year is about leakage…

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