Top 3 plastics packaging developments of August

One way to quantify which of the many articles posted over the past month proved the most popular with readers is to check website metrics. We here at PlasticsToday do that frequently and, occasionally like now, share results with readers. This lets you see exactly what specific topics industry professionals and others find most interesting to provide indicators of ongoing and emerging plastics packaging trends.

We start in reverse order at #3 with this critical review of bioplastics from Inconvenient truth articleveteran industry reporter Clare Goldsberry, who sees a problem when it comes to plastics: a lack of basic understanding by the general public about polymer materials. Whether you agree or not—and several who did not have posted sharply worded comments—you’ll likely find her blog, An inconvenient truth about bioplastics, informative and certainly stimulating.

The #2 feature of AuPretium SureHandle bottle handle closeupgust points to an innovation from vendor Pretium Packaging, which developed an integrated handle to produce a convenient container made 100% of readily recycled PET. According to Pretium, “This new technology creates all sorts of possibilities for products—including beverages, foods and household and industrial chemicals—that could benefit from a monolayer container with an ergonomic handle-ware solution” What’s easy on the hands is also easier on the environment. For more, see Pretium commercializes PET container with integrated handle.

You’ll find cool options for packaging and plastics in Minneapolis November 8-9 during the 15th anniversary of MinnPack that’s co-located with 5 other exhibitions including PLASTEC. For more information, visit the MinnPack website.

DuPont-ADM logosWhich brings us to #1, which delved into DuPont’s proactive moves deeper into bioplastics R&D including, for example, the company’s breakthrough Bio-PDO compound that turns a formerly chemical process into an eco-efficient biological one. Then there’s also its partnership with agrochemical giant Archer Daniels Midland. DuPont’s Michael Saltzberg, global business director of Biomaterials at DuPont Industrial Biosciences, provides an insider's view of the biomaterials landscape in DuPont accelerating in bioplastics for packaging and more.


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