Top 3 plastics packaging developments of February

Although it is the shortest month of the year, February brought with it a lengthy, far-reaching range of plastics news and developments as reported on the Packaging Channel at

The month started with “Green packaging emulates body wash’s ethical aspirations” published February 1 and ended with “New injection-grade additive produces highly repellent plastics” published February 28.

What news and developments we reported on between those dates best resonated with our audience of plastics industry professionals? A check of website metrics reveals the Top 3 starting in reverse order:

Flexible Pkg Market Global Geographic %

This market report drew a lot of attention with details of the flexible packaging market that’s projected to reach $250 billion by 2024.

The report noted that stand-up pouches are a preferred format due to their flexibility in various end-user industry leading to a market size forecast to be worth more than $75 billion by 2024. High barrier against moisture and oxygen, low material consumption and low costs are the factors positively influencing the product demand. Then there are pillow packs, which are seeing a 4%+ compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to 2024. Rising demand from dairy products due to better sealing, ease in transportation and cost-effective properties has favored industry growth in this segment.

For more, read Flexible Packaging Market projected to exceed $250 billion by 2024

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#2 is about a breakthrough in “green” egg packaging

Egg cartons have evolved over the years from paperboard to EPS foam. Now comes the next—sustainable—link in the evolutionary chain: Egg cartons made from 100% recycled PET fr100% RPET egg cartonsom water and soda bottles. Hickman’s Family Farms, an egg producer near Phoenix, AZ, has introduced the newly designed 18-count RPET egg carton to stores in Arizona such as Costco.

Read the whole story here.


#1 involves bad seeds and retailers

Calling polystyrene “harmful,” the latest press release from As You Sow (San Francisco, CA) continues the activist group’s efforts to rid the world of plastic by pushing more misinformation and unscientific commentary out into the public arena. As You Sow PS clamshellAs You Sow’s methods include negative press pushed out to industries and consumers about companies that use toxic/harmful plastics in their products. This negative press gives black eyes to retailers such as Amazon, McDonald’s, Target and Walmart if these entities do not comply with eliminating expanded polystyrene from their packaging and replacing it with something more “eco-friendly.”

Read PT contributor Clare Goldsberry’s take on this issue.


As a bonus, here are the next two most-read stories in February that didn’t quite make our shortlist:

#4  Sonoco launches clear TruVue Can with McCall Farms

#5  Not just another day at the beach for plastics packaging

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