Top 5 plastics packaging hits of June

June was busting out all over in what turned out to be a banner and seemingly record-setting month for packaging content at PlasticsToday, a headlining performance for which we’ve compiled the Top 5 hits based on website metrics.

One thread that played through 60% of the Top 5 were variations on the theme of sustainability as it relates to plastics packaging…or lack thereof, real or perceived.

And mixed in with all this “green gold” is a multipage compilation of several “pure gold” moments from a certain event in May, but first we start with #5 that is none of the above.  Bullet picIn fact, posted just last week, it shot right past all other articles that had days or weeks of readership—on those old-school music charts there’d be a bullet beside its position, just like this one.

June 2018 Top 5 hits 5 graphicIts ratings got a boost from the fact it was spread across eight pages; most PlasticsToday features appear on a single page so this was a virtual long-play album versus a 45 RPM record.

Another thing that played in its favor is that this is a sort of music video sans music: it’s filled with video snippets, which represent the very first use of Graphical Interchange Format files at PlasticsToday.

Whatever the reason, the report of Top 10 best definitions of a plastics engineer struck a chord with readers who had previously voted on the best answers to filling in the blank for the sentence,  "You know you’re a plastics engineer if…"

Next: Myth-busting a fear of plastics.

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