Top five plastics packaging articles of 2019 so far

One way to measure industry trending is to check what people are reading, which is something we do regularly at PlasticsToday. We sometimes do this monthly, but this time we uncover the top-read feature articles that caught readers’ attention through the first half of 2019 that ended June 30. As in prior assessments, one topic reemerges as a landslide winner: sustainability in all its green varieties and applications.Danimer PepsiCo compostable bag bioplastics winner

The first of our top-read articles perfectly sets up the sustainable packaging features that follow. Coming in at #5, it lists recent news headlines including among others single-use plastics that dominated global headlines in 2018, scattered plastic bans including in Seattle, at Walt Disney Co. parks and within the European Union.

What does this all mean?

For Phil Van Trump, Chief Technology Officer, Danimer Scientific, it means that manufacturers and suppliers have responded in considering the environmental impact of petrochemical plastics and invested considerable resources in developing eco-friendly alternatives. Specifically from his view in this Op-Ed feature, it means that the industry seeks a way to create resins that will reliably biodegrade at the end of their lifecycle without sacrificing the durability of traditional plastic.

Van Trump outlines the value and unique benefits polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) products as having a role in the wider discussion. Better known as PHA, this polymer not only biodegrades in ocean water, tests show that it effectively biodegrades in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. Also, the company’s compostable next-generation snack bags that earned it and PepsiCo a joint Innovation in Bioplastics Award from the Plastics Industry Association are mentioned as an example.

For more, see Why 2019 may be a promising year for PHA, which was published in January.

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