Transilwrap changes name to Transcendia

Specialty films producer Transilwrap Company Inc. (Franklin Park, IL) announced that the company has changed its name to Transcendia.

Transcendia specializes in custom engineered materials for critical product components in a wide range of markets and applications. The company offers broad material science expertise, industry leading service, an extensive technology platform, global geographic coverage and trusted reliability for product solutions evident in most everyday lives.

“Today is a significant moment in our company’s rich 85 year history as we celebrate our past, and recognize the significant advancements we have made over the past several years, leading to a company name change,” said Andy J. Brewer, President & CEO of Transcendia. “We have added to our material science capabilities, significantly broadened our technological platform, and grown the company’s geographic reach outside North America with seven new facilities.”

Through several capital investments, newly-developed products and acquisitions, Transcendia now offers industry leading barrier films and sterilizable pouches for healthcare applications, anti-corrosion solutions, a pull tab cap liner for food & beverage producers and one-way vision films among several others.

Transcendia has more than 8,000 productss it sells to over 5,000 global customers for a variety of applications and markets including healthcare, point of purchase-display, protective and aesthetic, industrial, food and beverage, window, anti-corrosion and security ID.

Along with the name change, Transcendia has adopted a new corporate identity, including a modified logo and visual identity. These changes are effective immediately.


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