Tupperware Shares Plummet

One of the most iconic brands that emerged from the plastic revolution of yore, Tupperware took a beating yesterday in the stock market, with the company's shares losing almost half of their value. The proximate cause of the plunge was a delay in the company filing its annual report because of an “accounting probe” and an expected sales decline across key markets this year, writes Andria Cheng in Forbes. Sales, excluding currency impact, are forecast to decline as much as 11% this year, “extending a streak of sales declines in recent years,” writes Cheng. Tupperware shares dropped 46% to $3.11 yesterday. At its peak just over six years ago, its stock was trading at more than $90 a share, writes Forbes.

Ouch! To lift our spirits, we went to the twitterverse for some Tupperware testimonials. There’s a lot of love out there for those plastic containers that go burp, as well as some consternation surrounding the enduring mystery of rogue lids.

Been there, done that

We all know someone like this, right?

That’s the spirit

But what about those darn lids . . .

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