White polyester labels engineered to withstand chemicals in harsh environments

TE Connectivity (TE), a global industrial technology firm based in Darmstadt, Germany, has introduced a white, polyester, chemical-resistant (WPCR) adhesive-backed label for applications where the label may be exposed to chemicals and solvents.

WPCR adhesive-backed label

TE’s WPCR has a special top-coat that, when printed with the recommended ribbon, locks in the thermal-transfer print to ensure crisp and clear identification, even in the most demanding environments. “The chemical-resistant matte top-coat ensures exceptional mark permanence, excellent heat resistance and dimensional stability,” said Robin Gershkoff, Product Specialist, TE Connectivity.

The permanent acrylic adhesive and high-tack, high-shear characteristics of the WPCR label make it suitable for use in a variety of industrial, electronics and rail applications. The high-tack adhesive is ideal for low-surface-energy substrates such as bar coding and component identification, electronic devices and equipment, as well as general purpose labeling where there may be exposure to chemicals and solvents. WPCR can withstand temperatures between –40o and 135oC (–40o and 275oF). WPCR complies with RoHS, REACH and EU ELV Directive 2000/53/EC.

Image: TE Connectivity

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