Wilmington Machinery to feature advances in blowmolding at NPE2018

Wilmington MachinesWilmington Machinery (Wilmington, NC) has been building blowmolding systems for a variety of applications since the company’s founding in 1972. Today’s all-electric blowmolding systems have been engineered to exceed capacity, cost and bottle quality previously considered unreachable, said Wilmington, which will be showcasing its technology at NPE2018 in Booth W1823.

Applications for Wilmington Machinery blowmolding systems include small, single-serve bottles at production rates up to 1200 bottles per minute; larger handle-ware bottles at rates up to 200 bottles per minute; and heavy-wall 20-liter containers for industrial and automotive applications at up to 360 pieces per hour. 

Wilmington is capable of testing and conducting research for all packaging and industrial applications from one to six layers, including foaming with nitrogen or CO2 direct gas injection, plus other unique applications.

Since the company’s founding, Wilmington Machinery has been building high-performance, low-pressure structural foam molding machines. In addition, the company has expertise in building custom extrusion, thermoforming and industrial blowmolding machinery, along with its line of high-capacity, rotary blowmolding systems for polyolefin monolayer/multilayer barrier blowmolded packaging.

The company operates from a 65,000-square-foot facility in Wilmington, NC. It can easily meet any customer’s need for extra-large plastics machinery. International shipments can be arranged through a nearby deep-water port.

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