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Companies will launch “one company” concept at Pack Expo 2016 in Chicago.

Clare Goldsberry

November 1, 2016

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Woodruff and O’Neil Color & Compounding announce name change

Woodruff Corp. (Richmond, IN), a manufacturer of reusable, returnable and recyclable plastic shipping containers and point of purchase displays, and O’Neil Color & Compounding (Jasper, TN), a supplier of color and polymer solutions for plastics processors, have announced a change of their names to Primex Design & Fabrication and Primex Color, Compounding & Additives, respectively. Both companies are divisions of sheet extruder Primex Plastics Corp. (Mesquite, NV), a subsidiary of ICC Industries.

“The new names are more indicative of who we are, what we do and our relationships with our parent company, our customers, employees and suppliers,” said Doug Borsdorf, Primex’s Business Unit Director for Woodruff and O’Neil.

Though the new names won’t become official until January 1, 2017, both companies are using Pack Expo 2016 in Chicago on November 6 to 9 to launch what they call the “one company” concept. “We want to use this opportunity to introduce our various constituents to, not only the new names, but the important changes in the way we interface with the market,” said Borgsdorf.

“The new names reflect an emphasis on the synergies between Woodruff, O’Neil and Primex in delivering total solutions to our customers, from materials through recycling,” said Primex President Mike Cramer. But it’s more than one-stop shopping, he added. It’s involvement at the project development stage, ensuring all of Primex’s assets are employed to solve customer challenges and offer the best solutions. According to Cramer, these resources include technical development at Primex’s John J. Farber Technology and Innovation Center, centralized quality control, fast delivery and a single point of contact for the entire process.

Tim Schultz, Primex Vice President of Sales and Marketing, commented, “all of our business managers will be cross trained and well versed in the entire Primex family of services and expertise, allowing them to offer our customers a more comprehensive approach to their needs.”

An additional benefit to the changes include customer access to Primex’s vast inventory and local distribution network. These encompass five U.S. locations and one in Europe, providing just-in-time materials for manufacturers along with 24/7 support.

“The name changes allow our companies to approach the market with one unified brand, one that has stood for high-quality, innovative products since 1965,” said Schultz.

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