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Pad Printer Can Be Field-Converted Between Sealed And Open Inkwells

Article-Pad Printer Can Be Field-Converted Between Sealed And Open Inkwells

May, 2001


Pad Printer CanBe Field-Converted Between Sealed And Open Inkwells

0501-PN-14The new Model UP 300 Series pad printing machine from United Silicone is said to offer innovative design features that permit field-conversion between sealed ink cup and open inkwell systems, as well as accepting various clichè sizes. In addition to its flexibility in cliché inking and printing formats, the new machine has an improved drive mechanism, which provides increasedpower and the ability to drive multiple ink cups.

This unit replaces the UP 308 and 303 pad printers, which were dedicated to either inkwell (Model UP 308) or sealed ink cup (Model 303). The UP 300 can operate one or two 3-in. ink cups or 6-, 8- or 10-in. inkwells.

Kits are supplied by United Silicone to permit field conversion from open inkwell to closed ink cup. And the machine can be returned to its original configuration at any time. In addition, all required electronic interfaces are provided in the control panel to operate in either inkwell or ink cup mode. After installing the mechanical components (which requires minimal disassembly) and turning on the machine, the control panel prompting simplifies setting the operating configuration. All required components are included in complete conversion kits supplied by the manufacturer. If needed, United Silicone also offers customer assistance to ensure successful conversion.

The machine also accepts 3-in. deep clichés of 6-, 8- and 10-in. widths. Necessary components for field conversion of cliché size are supplied by United Silicone.

United Silicone
Lancaster, NY

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