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Pad Printing Machine Is Programmable From One To Seven Colors

Article-Pad Printing Machine Is Programmable From One To Seven Colors

June, 2001


Pad Printing Machine Is Programmable From OneTo Seven Colors

0601/pn-23The microPrint MS 500 is a Swiss-built, 1- to 7-color programmable pad printing machine now available in the U.S. through DECO Tech. This machine can be equipped with only one nesting fixture on a programmable stepper shuttle, or it can be equipped with multiple fixtures on an automated continuous handling system.

Standard features include programmable tape pad cleaning and programmable touchscreen interface with Siemens PLC. Through the PLC operators can independently program pad-to-plate strokes, pad-to-part strokes, time delays in either ink pick-up or print stroke and multiple hits at every print station.

The MS 500 can also be programmed to shuttle to any print station in any order with accuracy rated at ±0.01 mm. Optional is the Viscomatic, an automatic ink viscosity control package (Oct '00PA, p 9) that monitors and adjusts ink viscosity inside the closed cups.

The MS 500 can print up to 1650 parts/hr and runs closed ink cups measuring 7 x 56 mm, 6 x 70 mm, 5 x 86 mm, 4 x 120 mm or 3 x 140 mm. No tools are required for job change-overs so set-ups are fast and efficient.

The unit measures 37-3/4 x 42-3/4 x 64-1/4 in. and weighs 1000 lb. Please contact the company for pricing information using our Key Contact Directory on p 39).

DECO Technology Group, Inc.
Orange, CA Circle 109

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