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PC-based control adds diagnostic software

Article-PC-based control adds diagnostic software

Milacron designed the Xtreem line of PC-based controls for its molding machines with an open architecture that would support various software programs. The company will use that architecture to implement two new diagnostic programs called ProcessMedic and MachineMedic, with plans for additional future software releases.

ProcessMedic is qualification software that can be used to calibrate and test machines. NT/ST models of the Xtreem Prime control can have the software added as an option. ProcessMedic acts as a data collection system that gathers and plots information for every machine cycle. The software allows system and component performance to be tracked at the machine, over a LAN network, or remotely via the Internet.

By tracking variations, ProcessMedic reportedly makes it easier to pinpoint process problems prior to bad part production. In addition, machines themselves can be tracked since they are calibrated and validated at the factory with ProcessMedic, creating a fingerprint that?s saved and used to compare machine performance over time. The same holds true for tools, creating a benchmark to measure tool efficiency. MachineMedic tracks up to 15 variables and provides real-time input/output feedback. Available as an option on NT/ST control models, it provides direct access at the machine or remote access via the Internet.

To run the software, a computer with a Pentium processor, Ethernet capability, and Windows 2000 or NT 4.0 is required. Instead of buying separate diagnostic equipment, the MachineMedic?s oscilloscope function provides measurement plots of machine performance. The software?s configurable triggers capture rates on up to 15 variables, recording and plotting as they go. Data can be saved to disks, and test configurations stored for reuse at later times. Options on the higher-level NT models include VoicePad, VideoPad, VoiceCounselor, and VideoCounselor.

Ferromatik Milacron NA, Batavia, OH
(888) 645-2276

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