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Pipe scales get shock treatment

Article-Pipe scales get shock treatment

Handling a wide range of pipe sizes in steel and nonsteel pipes, a new electronic descaling systems keeps plumbing serving, chillers, heat exchangers, cooling towers, evaporators, and boilers flowing cleanly without costly chemical descaling. The UL-listed ScaleBlaster line of electronic descalers has seven new industrial models shipping worldwide that serve nonsteel pipe diameters from 12 to 40 inches and steel pipe diameters from 4 to 26 inches.

The ScaleBlaster operates like descalers designed for commercial or residential-sized pipe, with a microprocessor sending out a square-wave current that sweeps back and forth over a wide range of frequencies. Signal coils carry the current, which wraps around the exterior pipe multiple times to continuously induce a dynamic electrical field in the internal water stream. Calcium carbonate moving through this field loses its adhesive, scale-forming properties so that new scales don't form, and older ones peel away. ClearWater Enviro Technologies Inc., Clearwater, FL USA;

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