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February 1, 2001

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'Big Round Filter' Dust Collector Has Few Moving Parts

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'Big Round Filter' Dust Collector Has Few Moving Parts

0201pn-5.jpgCamfil Farr's new Big Round Filter is a reverse-air dust collector with a simple design that is said to reduce the number of moving parts, reducing wear and allowing the company to offer a three-year warranty. Unit also has a self-contained cleaning system, a rotating arm, that does not require plant compressed air.

The filter has a perforated inner cone that reduces can velocities. It has a fully welded housing of 7 and 10 gage metal with a domed roof that can withstand 25 in. of mercury pressure.

There are 21 standard models with a choice of 8-, 10- or 12-ft fabric bags or pleated filters in a choice of media.

Camfil Farr
Jonesboro, AR 

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