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'Pancake' IBC Uses Five Independently Adjustable Orifices To Deliver Cool Air

April 1, 2001

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'Pancake' IBC Uses Five Independently Adjustable Orifices To Deliver Cool Air

April, 2001

Blown Film:

'Pancake' IBC Uses FiveIndependently Adjustable Orifices To Deliver Cool Air

0401pn-21.jpgThe new 4+1 Pancake IBC (Internal Bubble Cooling System) fromBrampton Engineering is said to offer film processors maximum coolingefficiency while maintaining ease of operation. The unit has five independently adjustable orifices that deliver cool air inside the bubble and can be used to process a range of products.

Bill Wybenga, President of Brampton Engineering says "unmatched flexibility" allows fine tuning for a variety of melt strengths from low-density polyethelenes to metallocenes. "Trials have shown that the 4+1 delivers 15% increase in output over our standard three pancake IBC system. The versatility of this IBC allows blow-up ratios as low as 1:1."

The 4+1 Pancake IBC System has several air flow adjustments to maximize the system's efficiency. The lower orifice pre-cools and stabilizes weak melt as soon as the polymer exits the die. The adjustable air flow through each set of pancakes allows for a gradual increase in air velocity for maximum heat transfer. The Air Flow Regulator Plate acts as a bypass valve allowing greater overall air exchange rate while maintaining optimum air velocity through each pancake.

For processing efficiency, ease of use and flexibility the unit provides independently adjustable pancakes toregulate the amount of air flow through each pancake, from fully open to fully closed. The blower system, with variable frequency ac drives, regulates blower speed and consequentlycontrols the overall air flow through the IBC system.The control system allows the operator to preciselycontrol the air exchange of the IBC to maintain abalanced bubble.

The 4+1 Pancake IBC can be retrofitted on single-layer dies, cylindrical coextrusion dies and streamlined coextrusion dies.

Brampton Engineering Inc.
Brampton, Ontario

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