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Prediction is derived from the Latin præ-, "before," and dicere, "to say", and by that standard, PlasticsToday's prognostications for the automotive, medical, bioplastic, moldmaking, and packaging markets meet the minimum definition of a "prediction," with our editors saying what they think will happen in 2012 before 2012 ends.

PlasticsToday Staff

December 29, 2011

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2012 plastics predictions

2012 ends. Of course, as Danish physicist Neils Bohr pointed out, "Predictions can be very difficult-especially about the future," so we post these informed guesses for the new year, fully acknowledging the fickleness of the future and likely futility of our efforts to forecast.

The auto sector in 2012: China, composites, calamities, and an electric boost

PlasticsToday's Stephen Moore offers his outlook for the automotive industry, which endured natural disasters in Asia in 2011, after surving economic catastrophes in 2009 and 2010. Whatever happens in 2012, Stephen assures us that draconian car-ownership fees where he lives in Singapore mean that despite writing about the automotive plastics industry for us, he'll remain a bike, and not a car, owner.

What to expect in the medical market in 2012

The medical plastics business in the United States has been strong, but very competitive in the past year. What's ahead for 2012? Will national health care reform provide an impetus for growth or a major restraint? What is the key service medical device manufacturers will be seeking from plastics processors as they morph into contract manufacturers?

Moldmaking in 2012: Some surprising predictions

If moldmakers went into 2011 with a bit of fear and trepidation, they're heading out with restrained excitement and a 6-month backlog.  Over the past six months, many moldmakers said that 2011 was the best year "in the company's history." For some of these folks, that's a considerable length of time.  Veteran plastics journalist Clare Goldsberry tells us what to expect in 2012.

Green Matter, 2012 Predictions: Bioplastics no longer here today, gone tomorrow

Bioplastics are an extraordinary place to be right now. Recent reports from Ceresana and Freedonia both predict extremely robust growth for the sector, as consumer demand for sustainable materials continues to rise and bioplastics prices start to come down. Have bioplastics finally reached the turning point? Bioplastics are already rapidly making up for their less than stellar performance in the past.  And 2012 might well be the year in which the bioplastics industry truly comes of age. Key drivers: performance and availability.

2012 plastics packaging predictions

Bag bans, bottle backlash, wrap rage...in terms of public perception, 2011 was a year many players in the plastics packaging realm would rather forget. But as the new year begins the old year's battles are far from finished, with plastics fighting to hold on to packaging ground it long ago won from glass, aluminum, and paper. Plastic in many applications will no longer be able to stand on its own; only by emphasizing lightweighting, renewable content, recycled content, or spoilage impact, will plastics be able to continue to grow market share in packaging.

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