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May 1, 2000

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Booth S-1271

npe2.jpgWhat's Hot! Advantage will be showing its newly updated Titan central chiller design, which includes an integral Tough Tank rotational molded polyethylene reservoir, multiple refrigeration zones for staging and back-up and an integral pump and reservoir system. Earlier designs offered only an epoxy-coated mild steel or stainless steel reservoir. The new Tough Tank offers the corrosion-resistance properties of stainless steel at the cost of epoxy-coated mild steel.

A 60-ton TI-60W with a fully insulated 450-gal seamless polyethylene reservoir will be displayed. Other features of the Titan chiller include: scroll compressors for increased reliability (compared to reciprocating compressors), separate process and recirculating pumps with optional standby pump and proprietary user-friendly microprocessor controls with built-in back-up. The approximate cost of the chiller on display is $45,000, including the standby pump.

Existing Products On Display Full line of heat transfer products for injection molders, blow molders, extruders and other plastics processors will be displayed. These include:

* Sentra water-circulating mold temperature controllers with a modulating cooling valve.

* Regal oil-circulating mold temperature controllers which are designed to circulate heat transfer fluids up to 500 F for mold and process heating and cooling.

* Maximum portable chillers in capacities from 5 to 40 tons with air- and water-cooled condensers.

* Tough Tank cooling tower and chiller pump tank systems in a variety of pumping configurations, including 1-, 2- and 3-pump systems with fully integrated controls.

* Power Tower fiberglass cooling tower cells with capacities of 45, 85, 105, 135, 170, 210, 270, 405 and 540 tons.

Cool Booth Details The following demonstrations and features will be included in the booth:

* The AVT (Advanced Valve Technology) modulating cooling valve used in the Sentra mold temperature control units will be compared, side-by-side, with competitors' solenoid valves.

* The digital flow meter used in the HE instrument on the Sentra mold temperature control unit will be running

* A cutaway demonstration will show the internal workings of the scroll compressor used on all chillers in the booth. Learn what makes a scroll compressor superior to traditional reciprocating compressors.

* A 'walk through' 270-ton Power Tower cooling tower cell will let visitors view the internal workings of a cooling tower

* Visitors will also be able to tour the Advantage web site on booth computers.

* A technical service representative will be on duty at a 'service counter' throughout the show to answer operational and maintenance questions.

* The booth will also feature the 'best water' in the show. Come by and pick up a bottle of water to take with you. Circle 204

Booth Personnel Jon Gunderson, John Lindstrom, Glen Oswalt, Shawn Tuell, Jeff Manifold, Lee Follansbee, Terry Fellers, Ron Wolfe, Harry Short, Phil Oswalt.

Key Contact Jon Gunderson - Tel: 317-887-0729; Fax: 317-881-1277;
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Site: www.advantageengineering.com 

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