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May 1, 2000

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Booths S-1400, S-1414

What's Hot! Each of AEC's divisions will display a variety of new products and modular systems. A control room and operating equipment or equipment simulations will show how new computer, control and wiring technology is impacting the plastics industry.

* AEC/Application Engineering will introduce new water and oil temperature control equipment, new chilling systems and a cooling tower pump tank system, all with off-the-shelf controls and interfaces, modular designs and stainless steel components.

* AEC/Whitlock will introduce new conveying controls, control interfaces and control networking technology designed to work with its line of conveying and drying equipment. Included is a new 2-pump, 12-station conveying control designed for smaller facilities or molding cells and a new networkable 5-pump, 50-station conveying control that has a touch panel display, distributed I/O for simpler and faster wiring and optional remote panels.

Other news: large dryers for PET and other applications now have a touchscreen interface and multilingual capability; new stainless steel vacuum receivers, internal sequence valves and new material take-off components.

* AEC/HydReclaim will display a new 'mini' batch weigh blender, 'mini' additive feeder and new controls for injection and extrusion blending applications. The batch weigh blender features an easy-to-use 'quick start' control and stainless steel removable hoppers for fast cleanout and ingredient changeover. Updated loss-in-weight blenders, HydReclaim's CoExpert extrusion layer thickness controller and a film scrap reclaim system will also be displayed.

Key Contact (AEC/HydReclaim Div. only) Keith Larson, VP Sales & Mktg ­ Tel: 810-629-6441; Fax: 810-629-5088;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.aecinternet.com 

* AEC/Automation Engineering will show new linear drive traverse robots. Linear drive technology is said to provide superior acceleration, velocity and reduced maintenance and to eliminate motors, racks, belts and other mechanical components. Several traverse robots will be shown with a variety of end-of-arm tool options operating secondary processes.

In addition, new XL Series Sprue Pickers will be displayed. These units feature a simple 'quick teach' function as well as a full-feature teach function.

* AEC/Nelmor will introduce new beside-the-press granulators, central granulators and granulator shredder systems for injection molding, extrusion and other processors. The Marathon Series beside-the-press granulator features a unique side-entry cleanout door for easy cleanout and will process from 5 to over 450 lb/hr. Circle 168

Key Contact (All divisions except AEC/HydReclaim) Kevin Chudyk, VP Sales ­ Tel: 630-595-1060; Fax: 630-595-6641;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.aecinternet.com 

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