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March 1, 2000

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All-Metal Separators Use Three-Coil System

All-Metal Separators Use Three-Coil System

pn14-0300.jpgThe Met-Sep BULK series of all-metal separators from T&T Technology is designed to separate both non-magnetic metals and magnetic steels from high-volume free-flowing virgin pellets, regrind or compounds.

Units have a state-of-the-art three-coil system, which is said to be much more sensitive than single-coil metal separator systems. The three-coil system consists of two receiver coils and a centering transmitter coil. All coils of wire are wound around the detector aperture.

In operation, the center coil generates a high frequency signal and transmits an oscillating electric field to the two receiving coils. The system is in balance as long as both receiver coils absorb the same electric energy.

When a metallic contaminant passes through the sensor's electric field, the coil balance is disturbed. This imbalance is sensed by a microprocessor-based, digital signal processing unit. The noise suppression circuitry then activates the air-powered high-speed diverter reject mechanism.

The most rapid metal separation time (0.25 sec) possible associated with the smallest rejected material volume is ensured.

Another feature is the nonmetallic throughput pipe. This pipe is designed to be inert to possibly varying electrostatic material loads during the up-stream material transport and/or due to glass- or mineral content.

The unit's controller can be mounted onto the separator frame or used remotely. It was designed with the plant operator in mind and is said to be easy to program and use. Its 4-button membrane keypad allows direct access to all operations and functions. Other controller features include: memory protection, scrolling display, operation LED for the reject counter and rejection and calibration LED's for reject timing, sensitivity and optional acoustic alarm.

Depending on the internal diameter of the sensor coils, the series offers the different levels of detecting and separating metallic spheres as small as 0.5 mm (500 mesh or 0.02 in.). The Met-Sep BULK models are available with capacities from 3500 to 70,000 lb/hr.

All separator components are mounted and properly spaced in a rigid enamel painted frame. Starting price for the three-coil configuration is $7105.

Options include stainless steel frame and sensor coil housing, top-mounted drawer magnets, rotary valves and cyclone separators. Separator system engineering services are at no charge. All units are covered by T&T's standard three-year warranty.

T&T Technology
Chicago, IL 

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