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November 1, 2004

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Alternate polymer tubing process

The AP-600 Alternate Polymer extrusion system extrudes a tube made from one polymer at the beginning and another polymer at the end, changing the composition seamlessly from one to the other. The transition is tightly programmed, and the outside and inside diameters can be the same for both polymers, or either may be changed independently. Polymers A and B may be different durometers of the same polymer, or they may be entirely different?however, they must be compatible. The system can also be adapted for three or more polymers. Packaged as a turnkey system, an overall system control processor coordinates all system elements from the extruder to the downstream equipment. A high degree of automation is built-in, yet the system controls are user-friendly. Systems are set up in the Harrel laboratory and tested before shipment. Besides tubing applications, the system can be used to produce profile, sheet, or blown film.

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