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July 1, 2001

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Aluminum Conveyors Said To Be Light But Rugged

July, 2001

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AluminumConveyors Said To Be LightBut Rugged

0701pn-5.jpgEMI's newest line of conveyors, dubbed Aluminum Direct Drive (AD), are said to weigh considerably less than standard EMI conveyors (up to 48% lighter) yet are rugged and sturdy enough to withstand 'years of heavy industrial use.' And by implementing what it says is efficient use of new manufacturing technologies, EMI has been able to price AD conveyors substantially lower than previous EMI aluminum conveyors.

The AD aluminum conveyor frame assembly and side rails are made of 1/8-in., 4-mil anodized aluminum sheet. Pulleys are 3-1/2-in. dia with 1-in. steel shafts. Adjustable legs and mounting plates are the same heavy-duty construction as standard EMI conveyors. Units also feature a streamlined frame design that is smooth and easy to clean. Double V-guides on both sides of the belt (which eliminate the V-guide in the middle) are designed to keep the belts looking clean longer.

The direct-drive 1/3 hp motor and drive package is said to be easy to service and to require little maintenance. Standard speeds available are 20, 40 and 80 ft/min.

The AD conveyor is available with almost all of the options available on EMI's Direct Drive conveyor line, including soft drop zones, indexing packages, variable speed drives, adjustable side rails, nose overs, parts diverters and more. The AD conveyor can also be used in box filling, cooling or metal detection applications.

Because of the lighter weight of the AD conveyor, some options, such as large chutes or hoppers, may require additional support to keep the conveyor stable.

Three types are available: the ADF flat belt conveyor in lengths from 3 to 30 ft, the ADC cleated incline conveyor in lengths from 3 to 20 ft and the ADK adjustable flat-to-incline conveyor in (combined) lengths of 5 to 15 ft. The ADF and ADC conveyors are available in widths from 6 to 36 in. The ADK is available in widths from 6 to 30 in.

Other standard features include white PVC belting, 4-in. high side rails and 15-ft power cord. ADC and ADK models have 1-1/2-in. cleats on 18-in. centers. Prices range from $1594 for a 3-ft long x 6-in. wide ADF conveyor to $4692 for a 15-ft long by 30-in. wide ADK conveyor.

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