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Arburg goes for growth in sales and machine size

October 20, 2006

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Arburg goes for growth in sales and machine size

Friedrichshafen, Germany - Financial growth was discussed, sure, and in fact the news there is very positive for the firm, but the growth most discussed by injection molding machine maker Arburg (Lossburg, Germany) at the Fakuma trade show was in four new machines, all larger versions within established ranges.

Those four models include the 720 S Golden edition machine, a 300-tonne addition to the Golden range of ‘value for money’ hydraulic machines launched by the firm early this year. Also new is the Allrounder 920 S, a 500-tonne clamp force unit and Arburg’s largest to date. Internal distance between the tiebars is 920 mm, but the machine’s width and external mold-clamp dimensions essentially parallel those of the Allrounder 820 S.

The other new machines are the Allrounder 520 U (Universal), offering 520 mm internal distance between tiebars and clamp forces of 130, 150, and 160 tonnes. Also available is the Allrounder 275 V vertical machine for insert molding.

According to Michael Hehl, speaker of the board at the family-owned firm, if the fourth quarter of this year progresses as planned, the firm will hit or beat the circa €300 million it generated in revenue in 2000, its best year to date.—Matt Defosse; [email protected]

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