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June 1, 2008

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Arburg open house reveals expanded range

Injection molding

Bottle openers were molded on the new rotary table-equipped model, with a metal insert overmolded by a leather-fiber-reinforced compound.

The German injection molding machine manufacturer introduced a variety of new kit during its Technology Days open house in early April. Exhibited for the first time was an Allrounder 570A electric molding machine, the largest press the firm as yet manufactures, outfitted with a hydraulically actuated, accumulator-driven injection axis. Typically this 200-tonne machine, introduced only last October, comes as an all-electric model with up to a size 800 injection unit, but Arburg officials say the hydraulically-driven axis is available with a size 1300 injection unit, enabling higher injection speed and dynamism, aspects customers had requested for thin-walled packaging or technical applications, for example. The unit running at the open house molded HDPE screw caps on a 24-cavity mold at 4.5-second cycles.Also introduced at that event was the Allrounder 375 V, a larger (50-tonne) vertical model for the manufacturer. The model at the open house was fitted with Exjection tooling for profile processing (see May 2008 MPW, p. 10).An addition to the firm’s Golden Edition range of machines was a new rotary table for insert molding, with one of these molding bottle openers (see photo).Arburg, Lossburg, Germany; +49 7446-330; [email protected]; www.arburg.com

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