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November 1, 2006

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Barrel for high wear and corrosive applications

A highly loaded tungsten carbide barrel is said to be suited for high wear and corrosion applications. The material, called CX465, is 65% tungsten carbide in a nickel matrix. The company?s use of hot isostatic processing (HIP) technology reportedly results in a completely seamless uniform wear surface that is crack and porosity free, has a robust apex, and is applied thicker than other highly loaded carbide wear surfaces. The HIP process allows a complete bond to the substrate, which can be offered as a solid barrel or replacement liner.

The CX465 barrel features high tungsten carbide loading for high wear resistance, and the nickel matrix provides high corrosion resistance. The seamless, crack- and porosity-free construction, in addition to high wear and corrosion resistance, reportedly increases barrel life expectancy over carbide brazed cloth designs. The typical failure mode for the carbide cloth design is product leaching down to the base metal through various seams, cracks, porosity, or weld repair areas.

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