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January 1, 2004

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Beam robot with modular design

PF_Geiger_LR-1000.gifThe LR-1000 beam robot is suitable for injection molding machines up to 6000 tons and can handle up to a 220-lb payload. The x-, y-, and z-axes have a-c servomotors, and the y-axis is telescopic. The robot has a 6-bar compressed air supply, two compressed air circuits, and two vacuum circuits. The programmable control is clearly structured and arranged for operation and setup. Standard Euromap 12 signals are included.

Options include additional compressed air and vacuum circuits; pneumatic a-, b-, and c-rotation modules; PC programming software; and linkage of the hardware through RS485. Other options are CAN islands for controlling the peripheral devices, a system control upgrade kit for complex system engineering applications, and Euromap 12 signal intermediate position.

Geiger Handling USA, Madison, WI
(800) 937-9827; www.geigerhandlingusa.com

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