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May 1, 2006

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Beam robots with new touch-screen control

Axess Series beam robots have a simple touch-screen operator control panel, and are available in sizes up to 750 tons. Targeted at pick-and-place applications, Axess 10, Axess 20, and Axess 30 robots are said to be priced about 20% below other servo robots in comparable sizes. Standard features include simultaneous motion on all three axes, multiple vacuum and pressure circuits to allow degating and selective part placement, and quick disconnects for fast changeovers. A ?Y-free? function provides for the programmed release of the strip-axis motor, allowing free movement of the robot arm and load-free ejector tracking. Wrist rotation from 0° to 180º, with a programmable intermediate stop at 90º, is optional. The robots will be on display at NPE 2006 in Booth 2649.

The robots have horizontal strokes from 40 to 236 inches, kick or demolding stroke lengths from 14 to 33.5 inches, and vertical stroke lengths from 40 to 55 inches. Telescoping arms are available on the Axess 20 and Axess 30 for low-ceiling applications. The robots also have payload capacity from 6.6 to 26.4 lb, horizontal speeds as high as 6.5 ft/sec, and vertical speeds to 9 ft/sec.

The Axess-Touch electronic control system uses 32-bit microprocessors and an icon-driven touch-screen user interface. An Embedded Program Source (EPS) system allows simple pick-and-place robot cycles to be created from previously written source programs stored in memory. These source programs are freely programmable templates developed by the company or the processor prior to setup. Intuitive graphics and easy-to-follow on-screen prompts lead the user through the execution of the robot cycle, including the teaching of all relevant robot positions. The control also supports direct programming. A PC link facilitates off-line programming. Up to 99 different applications can be memorized and stored for instant recall.

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